Jennifer Gorman

The artist behind Pyrelight Studio


After graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration all the way back in 1999, I fell into the "quick and dirty" graphic design world and remained there for most of the next two decades of my life.

After a wake-up call in the form of 2017's Inktober challenge, I've now returned to my roots. I have found enjoyment in mediums I never dabbled in before now.


My goal is to become a freelance artist working with inks and watercolors, as well as delving further into my new passion, abstract acrylic paintings.

I work and live in Evanston, IL with my furry roommate and resident critic, Marcella.



Where I update regularly with my new pieces and 'work in progress' pics.


Pyrelight Studio

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I offer prints and other items with my art on them through my Redbubble page.

Marcella, offering criticism on a new piece.

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